1. remnant, residue, residuum, remains, balance, rest; surplus, excess, superfluity, extra, surplusage, redundance, Commerce. overage.
2. oddments, rummage, stuff, odds and ends, flotsam, jetsam, pickings; fragment, scrap, shard, truck, junk, Inf. crap; rejectamenta, castoffs, throwaways, discards, tares; (all usu. of food) leftovers, leavings, orts.
3. waste, wastage, refuse, spoils; offscourings, scour-ings, sweepings; sawdust, shavings, parings, filings, scrapings, raspings; chuff, stubbles; slag, scum, sprue, dross, sordes, scoriae; (all of skin) slough, sheddings, sloughings, scurf, furfur, dandruff.
4. rubbish, trash, garbage, offal, refuse, sewage; swill, slop, hogwash, riffraff, Brit. Dial. raff, Scot. lave; carrion, bones, skeleton, fossil.
5. ruins, rubble, detritus, debris, litter; cinder, ashes, embers, coal, soot, carbon, dirt, smut; lava, sinter.
6. deposit, sediment, settlings, alluvium, silt; precipitation, condensation.
7. aftermath, consequence, aftergrowth, afterpart, afterglow, outgrowth, afterpart, afterglow, outgrowth; wake, trail, train; suffix, postfix, appendix, postscript, postface, subscript, postlude, epilogue.
8. inheritance, bequest, estate, property; right, entail, claim, title.

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